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Introducing The Commonwealth of Enlightrepreneurs

The Commonwealth of Enlightrepreneurs is the ultimate community for leaders who care. This is where you elevate your life, your business, and the world by connecting with other like-hearted humans who want to make a difference.

Far too many impact-centered leaders and business owners try to walk this hard road alone. The good news is, you don’t have to do this by yourself anymore.

As a member of The Commonwealth, you get access to:
  • A weekly networking session with all members
  • One recorded and published podcast episode per quarter where you're interviewed by Dave and Justin
  • Consistent business development content
  • One 30 minute consulting session per month with The Enlightrepreneurs team
  • Resources and connections to grow your work and amplify your impact

We mean it when we say we're all in this together. So, congratulations, you've found your tribe.

Welcome home, friend.

CLICK HERE to join The Commonwealth.

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