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Leading Your Team Through a Crisis (with Jason Widen from HQ Raleigh and Jes Lipson from Levitate)

Seasoned entrepreneurs, Jason Widen from HQ Raleigh and Jes Lipson from Levitate, join The Enlightrepreneurs to share their wisdom on how to build a community-centric business, along with helpful tips on effectively leading your team through a crisis.

Tune in to the full webinar, moderated by The Enlightrepreneurs, on Friday, April 17.

You'll hear more from Jason Widen, Co-Founder of HQ, and Jes Lipson, Levitate Founder and HQ Co-Founder on how to be resilient in a time of crisis. You'll learn:

  • How to work with your teams remotely
  • How to find access to funding sources
  • And tactics from real stories of past resiliency

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