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Member Highlight: Eric Surface

We have lawyers, marketing specialists, philanthropists, psychologists, and members from all professions in The Commonwealth of Enlightrepreneurs, but we would not be complete without our in-house data specialist. If you have a travel bug, love food experiences, and connecting people and places around the world, we know you will love being friends with Eric Surface just as much as we do.

Eric is the Founder, CEO and Principal Scientist at Alps Insights right in Raleigh, NC. Alps Insights and their team of experts helps clients gain and use evidence-based insights to improve learning and performance in their organizations.

Eric has a passion for enabling business to fully utilize their existing talent base. He believes there is great power is in developing these employees to maximize their skillsets for one major reason: businesses grow through their people. Thanks for being an invaluable and incredible contributor to our members Eric. 

Check out his company here

From his website:

Dr. Eric A. Surface has a passion for helping clients use evidence-based insights to improve learning, capability, performance and impact in their organizations. Eric leverages science, measurement and analysis methods, technology and over two decades of experience to help individuals, teams and organizations excel. Eric has led many consulting engagements for corporate, government, non-profit and military clients focused on analyzing data and delivering insights to help clients achieve their goals and accomplish their missions.


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