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Member Highlight: Shannon Salentine

Earlier this week we highlighted a primary distinction between “traditional” entrepreneurs and the Enlightrepreneurs who comprise our community. And that distinction is that we Enlightrepreneurs talk “from” it, not just “about it.”

Commonwealth member, Shannon Salentine, epitomizes what it means to talk from what you most want to bring out into the world.  Her own remarkable - and I dare say, heroic - life’s journey has transformed her into a coach and mentor of great heart, vulnerability and authenticity.  And all of this in turn helps her transform her clients into the best and happiest versions of themselves.

Based in Durham, North Carolina, Shannon offers services locally, throughout the U.S., and abroad. She is a trained Co-Active Coach (Coaches Training Institute) with an Associate Coach Certificate from the International Coaches Federation and a Master of Public Health in International Health and Development, from Tulane University.

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