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You're invited! "Chief Morale Officer" book launch event this Friday, May 1 at Noon EST

Do you want to know the biggest differentiator between businesses that are surviving and even thriving right now, and those that are not? 

It’s their business morale.

Dave Gold and I have interviewed, coached and collaborated with hundreds of companies since the start of Coronavirus and paid particular attention to the qualities of the still-successful business owners who lead their companies with unflagging positivity and equanimity.  And we have compiled our most powerful findings in the new ebook, The Chief Morale Officer Anthology. 

You can get your free copy of this timely resource by tuning in to The Chief Morale Officer Anthology book launch on Friday, May 1st at Noon EST.


Dave and I will host the event, which also features co-authors:

Business attorney Jim Verdonik, who has advised investors and entrepreneurs in billions of dollars of capital-raising, M&A, licensing and other transactions;

Fortune 500 Consultant Zemo Trevathan, who has travelled the USA and the globe sparking leaders and teams to deliver on their visions by creating cultures of care for their people, and;

Carter Phipps, author of “Evolutionaries" and theupcoming “Conscious Leadership” which he co-wrote with Whole Foods Founder and CEO John Mackey.

Tune in to discover:

  • How morale is becoming a top corporate priority in the time of the Coronavirus 
  • Ways to identify, empower, and compensate a CMO in your business
  • Why banking "good will" is proving to be the most valuable business asset in times of crisis
  • How to keep teams working together when they're not actually together

This event will feature the same conversational “magic” that has made The Enlightrepreneurs Podcast such an entertaining and overwhelming success, including Q&A with attendees.

See you Friday!

Justin and Dave

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